Sword Bean, as on the Mameshiba website.

Sword Bean is a pink bean that first appeared in Episode 12 of the Mameshiba Shorts.


Sword Bean first appeared in Episode 12 of the Mameshiba Shorts. He is found in a schoolboy's lunch. He has also made appearances in Mameshiba: On the Loose!


According to the Mameshiba website, Sword Bean is "Known for its honesty and loyalty." In Mameshiba: On the Loose!, Sword Bean was one of the first of the beans to suggest going to look for Pea 3.


  • Sword Bean's fact is, "In Indonesian, studying is called "belajar". Sounds like "brassiere", doesn't it?"
    • (This only makes sense in Japanese.)
  • His design is most likely based off of a samurai.
  • Sword Bean is the only bean with a weapon, a katana.

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