All the Mameshiba, as they appear on the website.

The Mameshiba Anime, or Mameshiba Shorts, or even Mameshiba Anime Shorts are minute long anime clips that feature one Mamaeshiba per episode.

Basic EpisodeEdit

Every episode features a person in Japan (also shown in different countries, too, for example, the Chili Bean or Jelly Bean episodes), eating a snack or meal that has the bean that the Mameshiba is based off of. The Mameshiba appears hidden in the food, and usually falls or is picked up, and then upon looking at it the Mameshiba does a greeting and says a piece of trivia. If it is sad or gross, the character will get grossed out, but other times they'll do something else (Episode 15, for example).

Then, at the end of an episode, the theme song is heard, featuring a picture of the food (in non-anime form) that the person ate with a real-life-looking Mameshiba inside it. During this, it shows the piece of trivia that the Mameshiba said, and at the end it will show the Mameshiba logo, with a giggling Mameshiba at the end.


Mameshiba Episodes
1. Green Peas Just as a boy is about to eat lunch, he meets a Green Pea.
2. Black Bean A girl is about to eat lunch, when Black Bean elightens her.
3. Peanut A man is on a date, and just as he cracks a cocktail peanut, he learns an interesting fact about love.
4. Natto A young woman is getting ready for work, when her breakfast gives her an interesting piece of trivia.
5. Edamame After a long day at work, a man relaxes at a bar. However, one special bean will make his evening.
6. Red Bean A detective on a stake-out is enjoying a midnight snack, when he becomes distracted by his dessert.
7. Sweet Beans A woman is enjoying her favorite drama, when her snack begins to speak with her.
8. Coffee Beans A man orders coffee, and a barista sees there more than meets the eye in his coffee.
9. Cashew Nut A traveler is enjoying himself on an airplane, and meets Cashew.
10. Jelly Beans Meanwhile in America, the Jelly Beans are the new kids on the block.
11. Chickpea A woman is elegantly enjoying her soup, when a suprise visitor greets her.
12. Sword Bean A schoolboy is enjoying his lunch, and comes to enjoy it even more after he learns an interesting fact.
13. Boiled Bean
14. Chili Bean While in Mexico, two mariachi band members have an interesting lunch when one of their tacos talks.
15. Tiger Bean Two women are enjoying dinner, when one gets their heart broken when Tiger Bean spouts his fact.
16. Soybean
17. Pistachio
18 Lentil A caring mother prepares her studious son a rewarding bowl of soup, only to help him get smarter.
19. Fava Bean Two ganguro girls are having a snack, when they fall victim to a fact about eels.
20. Cocoa Bean A grandpa and his granddaughter are having their desserts, when


  • The episodes have not yet been dubbed, but they have been subtitled.
  • For some reason, in the Jelly Bean episode, the English version still has English subtitles, despite it being in English.