This article is a list of trivia given in the entire Mameshiba franchise.

Anime InterstitialsEdit

In French, dandelions are called pissenlit... which means "urinate in bed". - Green Pea.

A hippo's sweat is pink. - Black Bean


Male fish break out in pimples when they fall in love. - Chile Bean plush and keychain.

Thomas Edison tried to invent a machine that would allow communication with ghosts. - Lentil plush and keychain.


Mameshiba: On the Loose!Edit

You spelled "Mameshiba" wrong. - Grape Jelly Bean. *

The largest flower in the world is called "corpse flower" because it's really stinky. - Green Pea.

Chickens are 75% water. - Chickpea.

* = Technically not trivia, but is followed by "Did you know?"

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