Chickpea is a pea-type Mameshiba that first appeared in in Episode 11 of the Mameshiba Shorts.

Chickpea, as it appears on the Mameshiba website.


Chickpea made his first appearance in Episode 11 of the Mameshiba Shorts. A woman who has ordered soup, is noting its flavours and aromas, and as she takes a spoonful, Chickpea appears.

In Mameshiba: On the Loose!, Chickpea is a prominent character, as he goes to help find Pea 3. However, this is only for his personal gain.

Chickpea also has merchandise, with is own plush.


According to the Mameshiba website, Chickpea is known to be "rambunctious and a bit selfish". He also hates being alone. His personality is somewhat reflected in the comic adaptions of the Mameshiba characters.


  • Chickpea's fact is: "Catfish has tastebuds all over their body."

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