All the Babyshiba.

Babyshiba are just like Mameshiba- but they're babies! All the species of Babyshiba, My Little Pony and Pokemon are here! Including Fausticorn, The Babysitter! Beware of the Scream and The Wublins!

More New Pokemon Characters Had Been Added! Edit

  • Baby Mudkip
  • Baby Vulpix
  • Baby Torchic
  • Baby Bulbasaur
  • Baby Zorua
  • Baby Twilight Sparkle
  • Baby Sunset Shimmer
  • Baby Spike
  • Baby Princess Celestia
  • Baby Princess Luna
  • Baby Pichu
  • Baby Igglybuff
  • Baby Ralts
  • Baby Fletchling
  • Baby Oddish
  • Baby Swablu
  • Baby Teddiursa
  • Baby Hoppip
  • Baby Togepi
  • Baby Derpy Hooves